Alexa Controlled Blinds

Alexa controlled blinds from Tidmarsh give you the option of having beautiful blinds that will open and close at just the sound of your voice – without the need for unsightly wires. If you’re looking for the most convenient experience, Tidmarsh offer a fully automated lighting solution that can be controlled right from your Alexa assistant.

You can control your electric blinds in real time from any room in your house, set up automated actions for when you’re away from home, or even use the Alexa app to open and close your blinds remotely from anywhere in the world. We can even integrate your entire home systems, so that you can control your lighting, heating, security and even your TV from just your voice. Our systems can even be retrofitted to your home without the need for costly cabling or construction. Get in touch to find out more.

Alexa controlled blinds by Tidmarsh Blinds

Seamless Technology

Once you’ve chosen your stylish and bespoke Lutron Blinds with Tidmarsh, we can integrate Alexa perfectly through Lutron Connect. Tidmarsh Blinds work seamlessly with Alexa to provide whole home control of your lighting and shades. You or anyone in your home can use Alexa to control multiple blinds around your home through a single voice command, giving you the ultimate in affordable convenience.

Simple Setup

Getting started with Alexa and Tidmarsh is very easy. All you’ll need is a Lutron Smart Bridge, and at least one blind or shade. Install the Smart Bridge, download the Lutron app, and add your blinds. Alexa use can be set up in a few short steps, by enabling the Lutron Connect skill and asking your device to “Discover Smart Home Devices”. It only takes ten minutes to connect everything up, the shades to the app, bridge, and Alexa.
Alexa controlled blinds by Tidmarsh Blinds
Alexa controlled blinds by Tidmarsh Blinds

Child Safe

When it comes to choosing blinds, we understand that making sure that they are safe for babies and children is of the utmost importance to parents. Our Alexa Controlled Blinds will give you the ultimate peace of mind when bringing new window coverings into your home. Whatever you’re looking for from your blinds, Tidmarsh can help you.