Pull Up Roller Blinds

Whatever the look, feel or size you’re looking for, there’s a roller blind to suit you. Roller blinds are a basic commodity in the world of furnishing; ease of use and economy has made them a natural choice for many windows. Roller blinds are ideal for any window and skylight/roof light and conservatory windows. Tidmarsh offers a range of Pull Up Roller blinds, designed to give you maximum flexibility. The Pull Up Roller blind is ideal if you require total coverage or only selective coverage, but without excluding natural light, for example a residential home or restaurant which is on a busy pavement or public area, overlooked by another area. Get in touch to find out more.
Pull Up Roller Blinds by Tidmarsh Blinds

Maximum Light

Pull up roller blinds are installed at the base of the window and are pulled upwards rather than by a downwards motion normally associated with roller blinds. This allows privacy or security to be given at the height required, therefore allowing natural light to enter the room from the top of the window. Pull up roller blinds allow you to receive the maximum natural light into your room, with the maximum privacy that you require. The blinds can also be adjusted to any height, which makes them ideal for any use or application.

Choose Electric

Electric roller blinds come with a number of benefits. Tidmarsh offers a wide range of electric roller blinds, suitable for many different rooms and applications. Motorised blinds can operate more smoothly, plus you don’t need to be near the window or in the same room to operate your blinds as this can be done with the remote control, and that’s great for hard to reach windows. There are no operating cords with electric roller blinds, which is an added extra for child safety. Finally added security is always important when you’re away, so if you set a timer, your blinds will close automatically making it look like you’re still at home.
Pull Up Roller Blinds by Tidmarsh Blinds