Perfect Fit Roller Blinds

Perfect Fit is a remarkable innovation, whereby using a simple snap-fit operation, without the use of screws, the blind, in a perfect fit frame, is fitted neatly and without fuss into the window frame. The blinds fit directly onto your double-glazed windows using the Louvolite Perfect fit frame and a bracket system that fits between the window and the rubber glazing bead. Due to its unique construction, Perfect Fit roller blinds become part of the window, without interfering with handles or window ledges, and can easily be removed for cleaning or replacement. This means that as you open and close the window, the blind opens and closes with it. With its stylish and contemporary appearance, light gaps are minimized, giving exceptional control of light and improving insulation, and creating more privacy. Get in touch to find out more.
Perfect Fit Roller Blinds by Tidmarsh Blinds

Safe and Sleek

Our Perfect Fit blinds are great if you’re looking to save space. Due to their position in the window, they don’t take up space on the sill and don’t feature any cords or controls – ideal for child safety. Designed to fully integrate with all modern windows including tilt and turn and half glazed doors, the patented no-drill bracket system means that blinds can be clipped in place in a couple of minutes.

Bespoke Made

All our perfect fit roller blinds are custom made for your space. Choose from our extensive range of roller blind cloths, with many of the fabrics having SPC (solar protective coating) or ASC (advance solar control) coating on the reverse of the fabric for higher reflection of solar heat and light. Our experienced team will help you find the perfect style and fit for your home or office.
Perfect Fit Roller Blinds by Tidmarsh Blinds