Concealed Blinds

Whatever the look, feel or size you’re looking for, or whether you’re looking to disguise your blinds completely, there’s a blind to suit you. Tidmarsh are very proud to partner with Blindspace® to offer a unique solution – concealed blinds. The stylish design provides a clean, contemporary and elegant finish, with all the benefits that come with Tidmarsh motorised blinds. These hidden blinds appear from nowhere both automatically or at the touch of a button, offering a breathtaking finish. Using Concealed Blinds from Tidmarsh and Blindspace® allows you to maintain an unobstructed view and gives you the luxurious, minimalist look that you crave. Get in touch to find out more.
Concealed Blinds by Tidmarsh Blinds

Astounding Functionality

With Blindspace® and Tidmarsh Blinds, blinds can be concealed inside the wall or inside the ceiling, perfect for the ultimate streamline look. This unique solution can be installed in any direction, for blinds of almost any size – from small windows to huge skylights. Tidmarsh has a bespoke solution for all your needs.

Custom Made

All Tidmarsh Blindspace® hidden blinds are custom made to measure, ensuring the perfect fit for your needs and space. Our hidden blinds can be controlled from anywhere, so they are ideal for use in difficult to reach windows and skylights. Tidmarsh Blindspace® hidden blinds can be installed in any direction, making them uniquely suitable for use almost anywhere.
Concealed Blinds by Tidmarsh Blinds