The Capital Collection

Stunning and stylish solutions for every home

The Capital Collection

Embodying the varied scenes of London, the Capital Collection lets you take a journey through the city. Start by discovering the vibrant scenes of Camden Town or exploring the muted, honey hues seen in the limestone of the Palace of Westminster.

We are very happy to provide stunning and stylish solutions for every home, offering a wide range of fabrics, colours and textures. If you’d like more advice on the most suitable choice for your home, please feel free to get in touch.


Barnet is a plain fabric, designed for managing light and temperature in your home.

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Bexley & Bromley

A dim-out fabric and a blackout fabric with a special coarse, canvas texture.

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As the name suggests, Buckingham is a unique fabric that takes a special place in the collection.

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The largest dim-out range of fabrics, Camden has a stunning array of 66 colours.

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A semi-transparent fabric with a soft, natural texture and feel.

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Fulham provides subtle texture and natural colours combined with blackout properties.

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Hampstead is a blackout fabric, with a special weave that produces a natural ‘cotton’ effect.

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Harrow & Enfield

Enfield & Harrow are contemporary, modern blackout fabrics featuring a special texture.

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The Hounslow blackout fabric is ideal for areas that need greater light control, such as bedrooms.

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Hyde is a blackout fabric with a very well-defined weave, to give it real character and ‘body’.

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Kensington is an ultra-transparent Roller Blind fabric with a beautifully soft colour palette.

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Mayfair & Westminster

Fabrics with a soft, natural feel, which will create a warm and luxurious atmosphere in an area.

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Quad comes in ten complementary colours, available in four openness factors for tailored lighting.

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Regents is a blackout fabric with a special weave that gives the fabric a subtle sheen and a smooth touch.

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Trafalgar is a delicate, ultra-sheer fabric with a striking array of 36 colours.

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Waltham is a blackout fabric with a huge colour palette to choose from – perfect for your home.

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The Capital Collection
Bespoke blinds from Tidmarsh

The Beauty of Bespoke

Whatever style you’re looking for, we have the complete solution for your home or business. From roller blinds to roman shades, we’re the blind experts, combining style and technology for the ultimate light control.

Tidmarsh bespoke blinds offer a level of customisation, functionality, and design freedom that is unmatched by off-the-shelf solutions. By investing in bespoke blinds, you can create a truly unique and personalised window treatment that not only enhances your home’s style and comfort, but also improves its energy efficiency and functionality.

Whether you’re building a new home, renovating an existing space, or simply looking to upgrade your window treatments, bespoke blinds are an excellent choice that will provide long-term benefits and satisfaction.

Why Choose Tidmarsh?

We know that navigating the home decoration industry can be difficult when you’re met with so many choices. Tidmarsh have nearly 200 years of experience in handmade, bespoke blinds, so we really are qualified to call ourselves the blind experts.

The art of blind making goes far beyond craftsmanship in wood, metal and fabric. Today it requires innovative design and engineering, as well as expertise in electronics and materials. Most importantly, blind making requires the ability to work alongside architects and designers, actively contributing to their designs and enhancing the overall effect. Our practical knowledge, gained over a long period of time, provides a unique store of experience, ensuring the quality of that contribution.

Lutron Palladiom Blinds from Tidmarsh

Tidmarsh are a simply excellent company providing excellent products, excellent installation and excellent customer service.

This family owned and run business based near Chelmsford has provided perfect solutions for curtains and blinds in all the windows of 7 properties for me. I simply cannot fault anything about them.

Thank you Tidmarsh for being so good at what you do! I recommend Tidmarsh blinds and interiors without reservation with 10 stars out of 5!

Lutron Electronics
Bespoke blinds from Tidmarsh

Get in Touch

We have designed, manufactured and installed bespoke blinds and curtains since 1828. Our main offices are located in the South of England, and we have installed our bespoke blind systems as far afield as Greece and Italy.

We’d love to help you with your window covering needs, get in touch for a free quote for our bespoke blind services.

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